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PVC Hose, Sink Hose

PVC Hose, Sink Hose

PVC Hose for superior performance


At TOTALRUBBER we have developed a great reputation for the high quality PVC Hose. We stock a diverse range of PVC Hose, manufactured in Australia and overseas.

PVC Hose

Custom Branding Available

We can custom brand the PVC hose with your company name to advertise your business, or to ensure. return of hired products.
The table below provides general examples of commonly used applications for our PVC hoses. For more in-depth please consult our online catalogues or contact us.

PVC Hose Application Table


Substance Product Comments
Food & Alcohol Armovin® Clear Food Grade PVC delivery


Vacupress Crystal®



Dakota Oil

Olive Oil – delivery & suction


Clear Vinyl Tubing

Low pressure transfer of liquids & beverages





Drinking Water Hose

Specifically designed for caravans & marine applications etc


Water Ace

Garden hose


Stone Hose®

Use in abrasive environments and with jackhammers


Purple Sullage Tube

Waste water transfer


Sink Hose



Vacupress Oil®

Flexible and abrasion resistant





Chemical Spray

Used in spraying of pesticides and weedicides (High Pressure also available)


True Blue® Airline

Air tools, nail guns and general purpose


Clear Black Seeder

Air Seeder transfer



Suction of abrasive materials


Arizona Superlastic®




Multipurpose PVC delivery hose suitable for many applications


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